What We Offer

By partnering with Universities, StuffYourDorm can use room information and student feedback to suggest the perfect items for your new home. In addition, these partnerships allow us to make sure your package is delivered directly to your room for move-in day.

Pick only the items you want, get your desired quantities, and mix and match colors and styles.

Includes both long-term items such as bedding and storage as well as disposable items such as paper towels and snacks.

To avoid duplicate purchases and space issues, easily share your purchases with your roommate(s). We can even suggest items to them that you may have missed.

Shopping for dorm supplies requires multiple trips to multiple stores, you never know exactly what to buy, and costs add up quickly. Packing is tedious and difficult, especially for large clunky items. Once everything is packed, transporting it can take multiple cars, or if you’re flying can mean expensive shipping fees.

Add on the ability to receive bi-monthly or semesterly refills packages. These packages may include items such as snacks, toiletries, and cleaning products.